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Sample Fund Agreements

Agency Funds

Agency Funds are permanent endowment funds that give nonprofit organizations the opportunity to pool assets at ACCF to generate investment income, year after year, which can be drawn down in quarterly payments to the organization, or reinvested in the fund to grow over time. The permanence of an endowment fund is both appealing and reassuring to donors and nonprofit boards of directors who seek the enduring value of a dedicated source of income to support the organization they love, today and forever.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds provide a convenient and flexible alternative to a private foundation. Donor advised funds give you and your family the opportunity to suggest, year-to-year, your favorite qualified charitable organizations which may receive distributions from your fund. You also may choose to keep charitable contributions anonymous, if you prefer.

Donor Designated Funds

Donor Designated Funds give you the opportunity to provide annual support to charities you select. This type of fund can be established as a "set it and forget it" option, assuring your designated organization will receive a distribution from your fund into perpetuity. The added benefit is that, if your charity would cease to exist, ACCF will assure that your original intent is met.

Donor Designated Funds, for Community Grants

Donor Designated Funds, for Community Grants are named, unrestricted funds pooled together for maximum impact in Ashland County. These funds provide the corpus from which annual grant distributions are made to worthy 510(c)(3) organizations, through ACCF's Community Grants program in the fall of each year. These funds allow ACCF to respond to changing needs in Ashland County.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds provide much-needed assistance to Ashland County youth in the pursuit of higher education. ACCF scholarship funds are extremely customizable, allowing the donor to establish qualification criteria, including the requirement or preference of specific schools or fields of study. Donors many times choose to create a named scholarship fund to honor or memorialize a loved one.

Creating a fund at the Ashland
County Community Foundation
Is a simple process.