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Gifts of the Heart from a Remarkable Friend

Phyllis Earick knew the value of giving back to the community and to the causes about which she cared so deeply.

Born and raised in Ashland County and a graduate of the Ashland High School Class of 1952, she was the catalyst for rallying her classmates to establish a permanent scholarship fund at the Ashland County Community Foundation, to forever honor her class and provide much-needed financial support to worthy Ashland County college-bound students. Phyllis rallied her class members to complete the scholarship fund in 2013, to begin helping students as soon as possible. The inaugural AHS Class of 1952 Scholarship was awarded this year to Gabrielle Benton.

Phyllis individually created a scholarship fund at ACCF in memory of her parents, Newton and Hester Dilgard, in 2006. This scholarship, for seniors graduating from any Ashland County high school, in honor of her dad's county-wide school board position, has made eight scholarship awards to date for a total of $3,554. As a passionate parishioner of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Phyllis was instrumental in the creation of an agency endowment fund, held at the Foundation, which provides an annual income stream, in support of operations at the church.

In order to provide additional support to her church, as well as the church of her youth, Stone Evangelical Lutheran Church, she named ACCF as the beneficiary of two life insurance policies that would, upon her death, create instruments to furnish specific annual funding for each organization.

Before her untimely death in November of 2013, Phyllis stated, "My religious faith has been and continues to be my most important guide in this 'journey of life'. I chose to share a small legacy with the two churches that were an integral part in the development of this faith, helping them to continue 'planting the seeds of faith' into perpetuity."

The Ashland County Community Foundation is honored to be the steward of these remarkable "gifts from the heart" of our friend, Phyllis Earick.

Phyllis Earick


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