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Friends and Family Remembering a Loved One

Regg Rader, or “Radar” as he was known, was a passionate outdoorsman, an accomplished grill cook, a devoted husband, father, son, brother and friend.  It was warmly noted that he always had advice and gave it freely – whether a person wanted it or not.

When Regg died unexpectedly in 2012, his family and friends wished to create a lasting memorial to this man who was loved by all.  A call to the Ashland County Community Foundation resulted in the establishment of a named endowment fund to fulfill that desire.

While scholarship funds are commonly used for this purpose, his two sons knew this was probably not the best fit to uniquely honor their dad.  Therefore, an ACCF “donor-advised” fund was suggested.  This type of fund allows for the recipient of the annual distribution of earnings from the fund to vary from year to year.  More importantly though, it permits the family to participate - to advise - in the selection of the charitable organizations receiving the support that their fund generates.

This past year, the family advised the ACCF staff to distribute earnings from the Regg Rader Memorial Donor-Advised Fund, with the following instructions from Regg’s widow, Billie:

“The boys and I have discussed where we would like the dollars from Regg’s fund to be sent.  Pastor Jeff Messner is involved with an Outdoor Ministry called ‘Trails, Scales-N-Tales’, based out of Trinity Lutheran Church in Ashland.  They are having a Free Pheasant Hunt for the youth in November which will include safety training, target shooting with clay birds and a guided pheasant hunt . . . that is so Radar!”

Not only were young lives touched, but in doing so, a man was honored in a fitting manner, of which he no doubt would have approved.  ACCF is honored to serve the Rader family’s wishes – this year and every year – through the use of a donor-advised fund.

Regg "Radar" Rader

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