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Legacy Gifts

If you want to be remembered, do something memorable...

Ashland County is where many of us have spent our lives... raised our families, pursued business careers and developed lasting friendships. The Ashland County Community Foundation provides the means to give back to the community which has been so important in shaping our lives. Whether you think of yourself as rich or poor or somewhere in between, your gift to our community will make a lasting impact.

Legacy Leaders

For those who have an estate plan provision utilizing the Ashland County Community Foundation as your "instrument for good", only a statement of intent to leave a gift is required in order to become what the Foundation terms as a "Legacy Leader". No documentation of gift amount or type is necessary. Legacy Leaders may designate the use of their future gifts, or may leave the distributions to the discretion of ACCF's Board of Directors. A future gift may be used to establish a new, named fund or may simply be added to any of ACCF's existing funds.

A legacy gift provides support to a charitable cause beyond the life of the donor. The Ashland County Community Foundation wishes to recognize those caring individuals who have created a legacy for our community through the establishment of a permanent fund at ACCF, or who have created an estate plan provision naming ACCF as a beneficiary of a will, trust, insurance policy, retirement plan, charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, etc.

An entry into our ACCF Legacy Book, prominently displayed in our offices and also viewable here on our Website, acknowledges these donors as Legacy Leaders. This is our way of expressing our deep gratitude for your personal commitment to creating a brighter future for the citizens of Ashland County.

Click here to see the online version of the ACCF Legacy Book...

Too often, legacy gifts are unrecognized because they occur at the end of a donor's life. Our Legacy Book provides a way for us to recognize and thank legacy donors during their lifetime. Legacy Leaders are also recognized at ACCF events and in its annual report to the community.

Legacy donors may choose to remain anonymous. However, public acknowledgment can serve to inspire and encourage others to look to the future and dream about how they, too, might make an enduring gift to the causes about which they care.

If you've already included the Ashland County Community Foundation in your estate plans, we encourage you to let us know, so that we may honor you as one of our beloved ACCF Legacy Leaders!

Be remembered for your kindness...

Become an ACCF Legacy Leader by providing an estate gift that costs you nothing now, but can make a lasting impact in your community.