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IMPACT Youth Grants

IMPACT Youth Grants are competitive grants awarded by ACCF to 501(c)(3) and other qualifying charitable organizations in support of projects and initiatives specifically designed to benefit the youth of Ashland County. ACCF’s IMPACT Youth Council is charged with the decision-making responsibility of awarding grants annually. Grants are not made to individuals. Deadline for submitting completed applications is Feb. 1.

The IMPACT Grant Application Form is available, click here to apply for a grant.


Grant Reporting Forms

Open, Fill in, and Print the Grant Follow-up Report.

This form is required within one year should a grant be awarded. Completion of the Grant Follow-Up Report is required for eligibility for future ACCF grants.



IMPACT Youth Council

The Ashland County Community Foundation has a program known as IMPACT Youth Council (Imagine Making Philanthropy an Ashland County Tradition). The application to participate in this exciting program is below.

This program is an opportunity for sophomores, juniors and seniors from Ashland, Hillsdale, Loudonville and Mapleton high schools, the Ashland-West Holmes Career Center, Veritas Academy and Home Schoolers.

The students chosen to participate on the IMPACT Youth Council work as a team to gain awareness of the needs of youth in Ashland County and then review applications for programs that provide services to meet those needs. The Ashland County Community Foundation provides the funding for which these students will be given decision-making authority to grant award monies to fund the programs chosen by the IMPACT Youth Council.

The IMPACT Youth Council requires a time commitment involving attendance at scheduled meetings during the school year, periodic field trips to non-profit agencies within Ashland County, and additional projects to be determined by members of the IMPACT Youth Council.

Students who are chosen for the IMPACT Youth Council are required to attend an informational meeting with a parent or guardian prior to participating in the program.

Applications to serve on the 2019-2020 IMPACT Youth Council are now being considered, click for the Application Form. -- Deadline to apply for the 2019-2020 Council is April 30, 2019.

You may contact the Director of the IMPACT Youth Council (Ginny Telego) with your questions via email, by clicking here.

IMPACT Youth Council
2018-2019 Student Roster

SCHOOL             NAME GRADE (2018-2019)
Ashland High School Sarah Andersen Sophomore
  Taylor Anderson Junior
  Myles Frederick Senior
  Taylor Hendershot Senior
  Clara Kral Junior
  Lucia Mancha Junior
  Alaina Reed Sophomore
  Elyse Reed Sophomore
  Leanna Wally Junior
  Anna Watson Junior
Hillsdale High School Blayne Bartter Senior
  Clay Schoen Junior
  Sarah Yeater Sophomore
Loudonville High School Anna Maust Junior
  Lauren Rieser Junior
Mapleton High School Skylar Rickett Junior
Home School Hope Abel Junior


Youth Council Pictured above are the 2018-2019 members....

Front Row, L-R: Anna Maust, Lauren Reiser, Skylar Rickett, Leanna Wally, Sarah Yeater

Back Row, L-R: Myles Frederick, Hope Abel, Clara Kral, Anna Watson, Alaina Reed,
Elyse Reed, Sarah Anderson, Taylor Anderson, Blayne Bartter, Clay Schoen


Not pictured: Taylor Hendershot, Lucia Mancha


The photos below are from the recent Youth Council retreat.

Photos Below are from the Kenyon College Regional Conference Sponsored by Philanthropy Ohio.

Below the IMPACT Youth Council learns about the history and mission of ACCF, while exploring
youth-oriented grantmaking opportunities in the Ashland County community.

Below the IMPACT Youth Council learns about the history and mission of ACCF, while exploring
youth-oriented grantmaking opportunities in the Ashland County community.








Ginny Telego
Diversity Programs Director

The Ashland County Community Foundation is dedicated to creating a legacy of helping the Ashland community for years to come. A critical piece of creating that legacy is helping the young people in our community learn about the importance of philanthropy and how they can be actively involved. The IMPACT Youth Council was established to provide an avenue for Ashland County high school students to take a hands-on approach in learning about philanthropy by evaluating grants for programs that directly impact youth in Ashland County and deciding how to disperse donor monies for that purpose. It's a privilege to be a part of this program and I am excited to see the positive impact that the Youth Council has in our community!