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ACCF Committees

Advancement Committee

Mirroring ACCF's mission to "advance philanthropy" in Ashland County, the Advancement Committee provides broad-thinking, as well as planning and execution oversight of various ACCF events, initiatives and projects.

Executive Committee

The Board Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Director/CEO comprise the Executive Committee. During intervals between the quarterly meetings of the full Board of Trustees, it possesses and may exercise all of the powers of the full board, in the management of the business affairs of the Foundation. Any actions by the Executive Committee are then reported to the full board at its next regular meeting for ratification.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has oversight responsibility for ACCF's financial operations, including the operating budget and annual audit. It also closely monitors the performance of invested assets. Members are appointed by the Board Chair, but must include the Treasurer.

Grants Review Committee

Members of the Grants Committee are responsible for analyzing funding requests coming to the Foundation through its annual Community Grants and Teacher Mini-Grants programs. Any subsequent award recommendations are made to the full board for ratification and approval.

Hess Loan Fund Committee

The administrative oversight of small loans to college students, generated from the investment income of a gift provided by Dr. Gilbert Hess in 1923, is the responsibility of this committee.

Nominating Committee

Comprised of the Executive Director/CEO, ACCF Board Chair and the chairs of the Development, Finance, Grants and Scholarship committees, the Nominating Committee has responsibility for identifying and recruiting new board trustees. In addition, this committee recommends a slate of officers to the full board each year for approval at the ACCF Annual Meeting.

Scholarship Committee

Once each year, the Scholarship Committee has the arduous task of reviewing over 2,000 scholarship grant applications to recommend awards to the full ACCF board for ratification and approval.

Women's Fund Steering Committee

The ACCF Women's Fund exists to serve the specific needs of women in Ashland County, through grantmaking. Donor participants of the Fund select those who will serve on the Steering Committee to govern the group's activities.


What Does ACCF Do?

Encourages Philanthropy

As a Donor Agent
Assures that a donor's wishes are carried out.

As a Grant Provider
Administers funds to those with needs.

As a Community Player
Is fully engaged in Ashland County's future.