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Women's Fund: History and Mission

The mission of the Ashland County Community Foundation's Women's Fund
is to create a permanent legacy that enhances the lives of Ashland County women. This is achieved through a three-fold purpose:

  1. To encourage women to participate as donors and to build a permanent endowment.
  2. To educate women about community needs.
  3. To empower women to achieve self-sufficiency.

Gifts to the Women's Fund generate income to award grants to non-profit organizations serving Ashland County women.

Once each year, the Women's Fund Committee reviews grant requests and makes grant awards, based on established criteria. These annual distributions are made possible by the generosity of donors making gifts to the Women's Fund, and donors creating named funds specifically for the Women's Fund.

What Does ACCF Do?

Encourages Philanthropy

As a Donor Agent
Assures that a donor's wishes are carried out.

As a Grant Provider
Administers funds to those with needs.

As a Community Player
Is fully engaged in Ashland County's future.