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Simple Steps to Create a Fund

The following four simple steps will allow your client to join hundreds of other donors who have created funds at the Ashland County Community Foundation:

  1. Define your client's charitable intent...
    • Does your client want family members involved, now and/or in the future?
    • Does your client want to select the charitable organizations that will receive grants from the newly-created fund, or will the use of its annual distribution be unrestricted?
    • How much does your client wish to allocate to charitable contributions?
  2. Contact Jim Cutright, Executive Director at ACCF, to discuss fund options that best suit your client's charitable interests and community needs.
  3. Determine which asset and ACCF giving instrument your client will use to create the fund, evaluating the options of lifetime income versus planned giving assets... or a combination of the two.
  4. Select a name for your client's fund. Many times the donor chooses a family name or a name that honors or memorializes a loved one. Or perhaps a company name. Your client chooses.