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Teacher Mini-Grants


 The Ashland County Community Foundation's Teacher Mini-Grants Program is designed to encourage educational innovation in our County's classrooms. Teachers grades K-12 in Ashland County schools may request financial support to provide enhanced learning opportunities for their students.

Once each year, ACCF reviews these requests and makes grant awards, based on established criteria. These annual distributions are made possible through a portion of dollars designated from ACCF's Community Grants Program and by generous donors who make gifts and create funds specifically for the Teacher Mini-Grant program. One such fund, the ARTSDREAM Fund, is tailored to support projects in the arts.

Opportunities currently exist for individuals, groups and businesses to create named funds, specifically earmarked for Teacher Mini-Grants. Please contact ACCF staff for additional information.


Teacher Mini-Grants are competitive grants awarded to teachers grades K-12 in Ashland County accredited public and private schools. Funding by the school for the project must not be available. Grants are geared towards encouraging the design of special projects, events, or activities in any academic subject to impact any segment of the school. The maximum grant is $750.00 and may be used for supplies, equipment, or any other expense related to a special project.

ARTSDREAM is a component of the Teacher Mini-Grant program and awards grants specifically to projects in the arts to include painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, drama, dance, etc.

Sandy Brown Honorary Vocal Music Fund is a component of the Teacher Mini-Grants program and awards grants specifically to projects in vocal music.


Application Procedure

All Teacher Mini-Grant requests must be submitted using the Foundation’s new online grants system.

 Click HERE to apply.  

The Teacher Mini-Grant application period opens June 1.

Applications are due by September 8. Incomplete applications or requests submitted after the deadline date will not be reviewed.


Kathleen Atterholt
Hillsdale Middle School

"I would like to thank the Foundation for supporting education. It is very rewarding to know that I am supported in trying unique ideas. It is also so nice to know as a County teacher I am included in your 'community.' Thanks again for supporting my grant."