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Apply for Scholarships

Please click here to apply for scholarships, view scholarship opportunities and information about the donors who created each of our scholarship funds.

Students may apply for scholarships beginning January 1 of each year. The application deadline date for all scholarships is March 15.

Click here to see a video on the application process. This video will open in a separate tab so that, if you would like, you can keep the video open as you peruse the scholarships.

Notice that, during inactive months, only a listing of scholarship funds will appear. Any notation that reads "This opportunity is no longer available" simply means that the application date has passed for this year. Please be sure to check back next January 1.

Note to Applicants:
The online form should be filled out as completely and thoroughly as possible. This single application will qualify you for as many scholarships as you are eligible. Missing or incomplete data may disqualify you for a scholarship opportunity.